[chuck-users] Reconnecting Ugens (was; determining type)

Tiemen Meerman tiemen.meerman at phorm.com
Sun Sep 7 09:48:26 EDT 2008


(Long time no speak, btw!)

> What if we'd wish-list two new member functions for UGen's, similar to the new "UGen.isConnectedTo( Ugen )"? I'm imagining  "isConnectedTo()" and ".connectsTo()", both of which would return a array of type Ugen (that could obviously be of length 0).

Fully agree! Introspection of this kind is a must in my opinion! The possibilities would be endless and I don't see why the scope should be limited - access to the entire graph from anywhere should be possible and makes for a much simpler implementation. 

I am uncertain whether the instanceof operator/function was ever implemented, but that would be equally essential.

While wish-listing (and slightly related) a cool feature would be a way of tagging UGens with a arbitrary string. This would give us a way of providing a unique AND meaningful identifier to a UGen. Useful while traversing complicated graphs.

> I am starting to think that this kind of wrapping, for what sounds like it could also be seen as a very general and atomic operation, is a bit much; to get the extra feature of reconfiguring the UGen graph we'd have to sacrifice the ChucK operator as it applies to UGen's.

I like the ChucK operator, too, but wish it was overloadable by the user - this would allow us a hook to do a lot of things! (I will not even try to list them ;)

Have been away from my computer for too long, and wish ChucK ran on BlackBerries!

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