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Tue Sep 9 10:21:22 EDT 2008

mike clemow;

> My Ubuntu box is trashed, otherwise I'd just check, but there's no
> menu command for print under Linux?
 I did check for that before bothering my fellow ChucKists :¬)

No, there isn't, though I suspect all three OS's have such a command in the
kind of toolkit that also gave us stuff like file load/save/save-as/etc.

The most likely reason for it's omission is probably that nobody saw any use
for it. I think such a command (provided it would be simple to add) could be
lots of fun. We can say that the purpose of livecoding (and arguably of any
art) is to communicate thoughts and feelings but I think we have to admit
that a practised programmer could well generate code that's too advanced
and/or unusual for the audience to quickly grasp. I was thinking it would be
a nice idea to allow people to take code home, perhaps to sign it. This
would take away from the temporal nature of livecoding but could have other
advantages that might be artistically interesting. That and it could be a
funny parlour trick :¬).

I'm not sure, perhaps it's there under Windows. I could saw HD's again and

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