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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 10:29:45 EDT 2008

Stephen Sinclair;

I don't use it (emacs ftw!)

Would you have the time to share some of your thoughts on the advantages of
emacs for ChucKing? I looked at it but it's quite a daunting editor and I'd
like to know a bit about the potential gains before investing time in it.

> but I just tried to compile it quickly and
> it failed, so I can't help directly.

Hmmm. I found the Mini quite easy to compile, at least since there is a
clear list of all that you need for it, on top of ChucK's dependencies. I
just wish it would have a more intelligent "replace" function for shreds
then always replacing the last one that was run. It's nice and simple, I
like that. There are hotkeys for running code though not enough for editing
it. emacs will solve all of those issues, I'm sure but that would go at the
expense of the simplicity?

> However, just wanted to mention that I bet it would be pretty easy to
> quickly write a little shell script to monitor files in a folder and
> spit them to a printer (through a postscript filter or even latex
> maybe), so you could just save your files into that folder and they'd
> print.

This sounds do-able, yes, Perhaps that's the method for me if I do decide to
go through with this.

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