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Vassili Slessarenko urbanmuzak at urbanplexus.net
Tue Sep 9 10:39:14 EDT 2008


I believe in any unix the "lp" command should be available out of the 
box, if the OS can do any printing at all, it should come with CUPS as 
standard... so just do a "man lp", I remember being able to print very 
simple text files using that command. before all the ghostscript drivers 
were even available. It should be able to handle what you are talking 
about relatively easily.

Just check you got CUPS installed... I remember it came with UBUNTU by 
default but I could be mistaken.



Kassen wrote:
> Fellow ChucKists,
> Does anybody know what my options are in printing (to paper, the
> old-fashioned way) from the Mini under (Ubuntu) Linux? Ideally I'd like to
> periodically or on command print edit buffers to paper as text as part of a
> performance. Is this possible at all?
> Yours,
> Kas.
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