[chuck-users] emacs, and other editors for chuck

ynohtna ynohtna at ynohtna.org
Wed Sep 10 10:02:30 EDT 2008

Yay, lots of Emacs users!
I'm currently, in my spare time, looking into integrating Emacs with ChucK
to streamline (live) coding and experimentation. I have recently prototyped
an Emacs minor mode that supports real-time text-mode sequencing (sending
arbitrary OSC messages via realtime modified Emacs Lisp code) and have been
hacking Emacs on and off since the early 90s.

So, if anyone wants to express their needs for such a thing I'd be happy to
consider converting them into implementable features. No promises, though,
as my daylight job often consumes all my computer-centric energy.

So far, I have determined a wish list including syntax highlighting,
"intellisense" style completion, mode-line representation of ChucK's status,
automatic shred/spork replacement, and minibuffer display of
micro-documentation for classes/functions/syntax under the point. Any other
input is welcome.

(Sometimes short bearded, often stubbled, no sandals)
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