[chuck-users] Double ChucK cleanup (bug)

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Sep 16 15:35:42 EDT 2008


Actually, after pondering this issue for a while, I believe it had been 
in the code for a while, but was hard to reach.  I think there is a good 
chance this also fixes the dac disconnect problem.  Yay for optimism
(and nay for optimizations)!


On Tue, 16 Sep 2008, Kassen wrote:

> David M;
> Just curious, will this fix the problem using adc? I've found that often
>> times even after removing all shreds, the adc will stay connected and
>> outputting.
>> Thanks
> It should, I'd say?
> At least the adc and dac will both be reachable from any name-space so I'd
> imagine that running
> adc =< dac;
> (a few times if need be) you should at least be able to get rid of that
> connection without restarting the VM?
> Was that a documented issue? I can't remember hearing about it.
> Yours,
> Kas.

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