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Fri Sep 19 13:40:07 EDT 2008


> I would think the best approach would be to actually limit the
> accepted frequency, and not access NaN for example.

That would be good, but it would go at the expense of our options in
controlled aliasing, a technique that may have valuable artistic uses to
some. It could still be a good trade here. I like the NaN idea in any case,
I don't think we can expect Wurley to deal with "inf", even if it *is* a
float :¬).

>  But for a
> watchdog-style approach, I bet it wouldn't be difficult to implement
> an "abort" flag in each shred that can be set to 1, and gets checked
> between sample computations.  Not sure how it's done now, perhaps
> something similar.

Yes, I was thinking along those lines as well.

ChucK is too large and complicated to avoid the possibility of things going
wrong and as we say; "powertools can maim" but I don't like stuff bringing
down the whole VM. Right now, for example, a integer div. by 0 will take out
the whole VM without any comment  which I think is a bit much. Dropping that
shred seems far more reasonable.

I also wonder how different things are if we supply .freq() functions with
values that are merely very, very high instead of being infinity.

Right. I feel this responce to "inf" as a frequency parameter is
sufficiently bothersome to call it a issue for the bug page. I'll add it
there and if somebody disagrees we can take it off again.

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