[chuck-users] STK shakers wrench rattling?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 16:26:36 EDT 2008


> Sorry, I was totally wrong.  I was looking only at the initialization
> code when I answered originally.
> Later, when frequency is set, the center frequencies are multiplied by
> the desired frequency value.
> (This is in the controlChange() function, handling the ModWheel parameter.)
> Does the following code work for you?
> For me it creates the bamboo sound decending in frequency.
Yes, this works perfectly! I'm now wondering what went wrong with my
experiments of this morning (sadly those were lost in a little crash). I did
think it used to work and that it was odd. Perhaps I made a typo or tried
too small a range with a preset with too much noisy characteristics but I do
think I tried a rather large range of numbers...

Very strange and quite likely all my fault. Sorry if this caused confusion.

Thanks again!
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