[chuck-users] Object reference weirdness

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 02:17:29 EDT 2008


Ha!  Thanks, Kas.  I will investigate further for a few hours (I have
> class in just a minute) and if I'm still stuck in this mess tonight
> (in about 5 hours) I'll send it over.

"Morning coffee" has arrived yet no code from you, perhaps you found it?

> I think I've located in which
> method contains the real problem, but it's only manifesting after 30
> or so calls to these methods in unit tests, so it might just be
> overloading the VM.

Quite odd. Overloading the VM should not cause errors like this. What's your
CPU percentage doing? Are we seeing a crash as well? Is the Shred exiting?

> It's VERY likely there's a typo/mistake in my code (which is why I'm
> testing it ;-) but the problem is finding it.  Most of the time, calls
> to these methods don't fail.


> In the meantime, what exactly is a bus error?  What generally causes them?

I had to search the "chuck" label in my inbox. I found several mentions of
them and most were related to that old bug of initialising several variables
on the same line or arrays. This makes me suspect we are dealing with
something related to initialising memory, which would make sense given your
description. If I had to place a bet now it would be that you are allocating
memory in a way not anticipated by designers. If you have a "bus error"
there is probably something wrong about ChucK as well, in possible adition
to any errors you may have made. Mysterious, I'm quite curious now.

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