[chuck-users] Audicle on Ubuntu

Beinan Li li.beinan at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 15:44:00 EDT 2009

Hi ChucKers,

I tried the latest Audicle on my Ubuntu 8.04, building was a breeze, but I
found problems:

   1. Conflicts with Compiz-fusion: When the compiz-fusion visual effects
   are turned on, Audicle GUI's redraw looks really confusing: I can see other
   APPs bleeding through Audicle here and there. Also, moving the window only
   expands its size. Remove the system visual effects and it appears normal
   2. Trying to kill the Audicle window with the system "Force window to
   quit" tool caused system crash. This happened with or without Compiz.

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