[chuck-users] SndBuf.read() BUG & feature request

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 19:15:56 EDT 2009

Fellow ChucKists,

I was trying to detect the successful loading of a wave file, hoping that
SndBuf.read() wpuld return "true" upon successfully opening a file like when
opening a HID device and "false" otherwise.

Instead it turns out that the following code seg-faults.

SndBuf foo;
<<<"kick.wav" => foo.read>>>;

Aside from how this means losing the whole VM, which is bad, such
functionality would permit for the implementation of search-paths. For
example; when a relative location doesn't work we might want to append the
file-name to a string expressing the absolute location of some directory
filled with samples.

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