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Adam Hoyle adam.lists at dotankstudios.com
Tue Apr 14 17:41:51 EDT 2009

Hey Les,

Glad you like the patch - if I get around to ever finding some decent  
drum samples then I'll send out a new version, probably with some  
dubstep vibes added (breath holding not advised tho')

Very useful to know about relative paths in Chuck/miniAudicle -  
thanks :-)

As for me... I am an artist, musician and programmer mostly based  
around London (UK). I've been working around interactive audio for a  
good number of years, originally being a member of an arts collective  
called "AudioRom" in the mid 90s (we made a few CD-Roms and some  
pretty sweet table installations (wish things like ms's surface or  
reactable had been around then)). Since then I've done a few things,  
and my most relevant recent music projects are "Burn Brothers" (http://www.burnbros.com 
  - modern reggae infused electronica, with a 70 year old dub poet on  
vocals, where I am involved in production, arrangement and visuals  
when we play live) and "The Sancho Plan" (http://www.thesanchoplan.com  
- a performance and installation project centred around drums  
triggering characters - where I am the systems architect). I've also  
got a sonic installation piece on the go (with an iPhone version also  
in development) with Julian Baker, although we're really taking our  
time with that one (screen recording here: http://vimeo.com/3957961)

Hope that helps,


On 13 Apr 2009, at 04:08, Les Hall wrote:

> Adam,
> Thanks for your "conductor" dance music generator.  After the  
> holiday socializing I finally kranked it up and tested it with a  
> simple microphone patch on a new setup.  It sounds great!  I'm going  
> to feature it on this week's ChucK show.
> The new setup is miniAudicle on eMac with Y cable to headphones and  
> split to a patch cable that connects emac headphones out to netbook  
> line-in where edcast broadcasts.  I can do it all on the eMac using  
> soundflower but I don't have enough CPU for ChucK *and* MuSE  
> broadcaster, so hence the use of two computers.
> Oh, by the way to make ChucK use relative paths you just put a dot  
> in front of the filename, like this:  "./dir/filename" instead of "/ 
> dir/filename", and in miniAudicle you go to preferences to select  
> the current directory.  I modified you code to work this way by  
> addind the dots in the right files.
> Do you have any biographical information for me to read or  
> paraphrase as I introduce your program?  Anything would be good...
> Thanks,
> Les
> (Inventor)
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