[chuck-users] Using typing keyboard for playing

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 08:19:14 EDT 2009


I have used it in Scala for about a year, mostly in E31 (close to
> Renaissance extended meantone).

It's not very urgent, more like a future idea for a "luxury" feature but I
think it would be interesting to be able to load Scala files and have those
affect Std.mtof().

That function is one of the few bits in ChucK that makes any assumptions
about "what music is". Of course we are all free to develop our own scales
and tunings; I'm still happy with integer multiples of 200Hz.

> The new Apple flat mini-keyboard (with USB chord) is good for this purpose.
> Rapid melodic movements and ornaments are possible :-).

Keyboards matter; both the tactile feel and "ghosting" are important, IMHO.
I think it's a great shame that so many companies cut so many corners there
these days. Good to hear you found one you like, USB "chords" sound
especially interesting. :¬p

Sorry to poke fun at your typo; I just imagined what a USB chord would be

> Hope, so too :-). I have something to go for.

I think the Smelt one and the one in /examples/ are quite comparable. The
Hid interface is quite pleasant to work with, there will be lots of "magic
numbers" but the code for the device abstraction is very readable.

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