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Yes, that is most surely the reason. The tricky part is know exactly how
> advanced ChucK is, knowing what has to be done by hand. It would have been
> cool if one just fed those patches into the output, and the program figured
> it out.

Yes, I see. I had a quick glance at your code and with your setup you'll end
up with a lot of connected yet silent series of UGens. On top of that you'll
be creating double connections so even if your CPU could keep up you would
run into clipping. The most obvious strategy might be disconecting the UGens
again at a isButtonUp() event but that would mean cutting off the envelope's
decay which is likely undesirable.

What ChucK is doing here indeed isn't very "smart" but on the bright side it
is behaving according to the specs and this behaviour can be useful in other
cases. For your needs I'd suggest looking into voice cycling; there are
examples about polyphony in the /midi/ directory. I know you aren't using
MIDI here but the strategy for dealing with polyphony without overloading
the CPU will be useful, at least as a strating point.

Give a shout if you get stuck there.

Those instructions should perhaps be in the file. (And note that the
> location of the +/- keys are different on other keyboards than the US. So
> you want them on the +/- keys in all layouts, one should probably use the
> ASCII key function.)

Yes, that's a good point, you are quite right.

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