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I think both may happen (by my testing): the CPU load may increase to the
> point that it is the delays that causes the crash, but also before.

Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.

Yes, or having fewer generators, and letting the keys circulate assignment
> around them, which may have the same effect (which, when I read ahead, see
> that you are mentioning, too.

Yes, that would come down to voice cycling as well. There are a lot of
possible strategies for that, depending on taste and how complex you are
willing to get as well as how sensitive you are to inappropriate

In the case of MIDI, it may be necessary, due to a limited number of
> channels. Scala uses complex algorithms for that.

I don't think either MIDI or Scala affects this matter all that much; as I
see it the core of the issue is that CPU resources are limited so we need to
conserve them. MIDI could still generate 128 * 16 concurrent notes if you
really wanted to and such amounts of voices will cause issues in any
realistic and practical system.

I may be misunderstanding your comment here.

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