[chuck-users] Keyboard Stuff

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Fri Apr 17 14:37:18 EDT 2009

On 17 Apr 2009, at 20:19, Kassen wrote:

>> Even the ASCII keys may differ from the US, like the German  
>> keyboard layout, which swaps "z" and "y".
> There was a debate about that on this list a while ago. I think the  
> conclusion was "It's a confusing mess but it can be worked with with  
> some effort and care". Maybe that's just what I concluded though :¬).

It strikes me that Chuck may not be good for mixing key numbers with  
the translated "AsCII" numbers. Ir seems one has to make choice of  
what to use. When mixing, one may want to pick up the event first and  
looking at both the key and the (eventual) Unicode number.

So when doing a
   Hid kb;
one would want a function msg.char() that returns an "int": say -1 if  
no character, or the Unicode code point (character number) otherwise.


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