[chuck-users] UAnae / Vocoder question

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Sun Apr 19 23:09:45 EDT 2009

Sort of an OT question--
Where did you find this ChucK folder and is there more?  This is so
great, both since I need some basic programming help and some really
basic DSP help.  ChucK is such an easy language to read (arguably even
easier than Max/MSP, I believe) that reading these examples teaches me
as much about programming logic and DSP math as about ChucK.  Any more
databases like this one?


2009/4/19 Peter Esveld <peter.esveld at gmail.com>:
> Hi ChucK List,
> While googling, I came across this really great shred that works as a
> vocoder: http://www.lullcec.org/chuck/fft/vocoder.ck
> The shred allows you to use a wav file as a "template" to vocode mic input.
> My question is this - can it be used with other shreds without vocoding all
> sound coming out of the Virtual Machine? Currently, any other shreds I add
> to the Virtual Machine have the wav file (vocoding) applied to them as well.
> I'm pretty new to ChucK, so please excuse the ignorance about these kinds of
> scoping issues. I've also attached the file in question (pretty much
> unmodified from the original). I'd like to use the vocoding effect only on
> sounds coming in from adc.left...
> I've emailed the author, and he's unsure what the problem is - he's going to
> investigate, but I'd really like some additional takes on the problem. Any
> thoughts or responses would be hugely appreciated!
> best,
> Peter
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