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Hi Kassen,

Thanks for the responses! Yeah, Eduard's code works perfectly, I just
altered the values enough to throw it off. I emailed him directly, and he
helped me sort it out. Here's the quoted text:

just to start with, the fftsize has to be a multiple of 2, so 2500 is not an
> optimal size. It should be 2048 (pow(2,11)) or 4096 (pow(2,12)) or 1024
> (pow(2,10))... although you can still use any size, it's better to use  a
> power of two, which in chuck is Math.pow(2,n) where n is the number you are
> rising 2 to. A good size is 2048, so n=10. Otherwise the code does not make
> sense... for instance FFT_SIZE/8. That only makes sense if FFT_SIZE is a
> power of 8 which in turn is a power of 2 (2^3=8).

Any other vocoding wisdom or expertise anyone has to share, I'm all ears.
This stuff is really cool.


2009/4/20 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>

> 2009/4/20 Andrew C. Smith <acsmith at willamette.edu>
>> Sort of an OT question--
>> Where did you find this ChucK folder and is there more?
> The file is stored in this directory; http://www.lullcec.org/chuck/fft/going up another level brings us here;
> http://www.lullcec.org/chuck/
> There's one tutorial in there written by Eduard Aylon, maybe he did the
> rest as well. Not at all a bad resource if you're looking for things to
> learn from.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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