[chuck-users] Killing thread from without

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Tue Apr 21 16:12:19 EDT 2009

On 21 Apr 2009, at 21:32, Kassen wrote:
> Like this?
> fun void foo()
>     {
>     while(1)
>         {
>         <<<"beep">>>;
>         second => now;
>         }
>     }
> spork ~foo() @=> Shred bar;
> 3::second => now;
> bar.exit();
> second => now;
> <<<"bye">>>;

I think that tried that one, and it didn't work. Possibly because it  
gets stuck in <delay> => now; - your example allows jumping out of it  
in the 'while-loop.

> Sadly there is currently a bug when we define a Shred object and  
> later assign a actual shred to it; this will crash ChucK. This bug  
> was likely caused by the last update which attempted to clean up the  
> relationship between Shred objects and actual running processes  
> (this wasn't always a very clear relationship).

I didn't try that one (I think) - I used references @=>, both in an  
array, and as a single global variable. exit() on such a reference  
while the thread was stuck in '<delay> => now' didn't work.

> You can also have the Shred report it's number using me.id() inside  
> that shred and set Machine.remove(int id ) loose on that.
> If this crashing bug bothers you (and it likely will) you can use  
> this construct to get a shred's id number while sporking it;
> <<<(spork ~foo()).id()>>>;
> This integer can then be used with Machine.remove() to remove the  
> shred.

So this is perhaps what I should try, though using exit() on the thread.

> There are more illustrations in /examples/shred/
> I think that should get you out of trouble? I can't recommend the / 
> examples/ directory highly enough as a resource.

I grepped 'exit()' on the whole examples directory, but all finds were  
'my.exit()', so it did not seem to apply.


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