[chuck-users] polyphony (what happens after note off)? was: Killing thread from without

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Fri Apr 24 03:47:39 EDT 2009

On 23 Apr 2009, at 18:53, Robert Poor wrote:

> The philosophy is simple: *Every* note-on event spawns a thread.   
> That thread patches in the UGs and plays sound until there's a note- 
> off event, at which it *begins* to shut down the note.  Only after  
> the note actually ends does the the thread unpatch the UGs and kill  
> itself.
> If you hit C4 twice in a row, it will actually spawn two threads --  
> this is exactly what you want for something with a long decay.

So what happens in your code if the same key is hit again before the  
decay has ended: do you get another generator, or is the already  
sounding generator of the key reset?


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