[chuck-users] polyphony (what happens after note off)? was: Killing thread from without

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 16:30:47 EDT 2009


> Thank you.

Your're welcome. i hope this solves some of the issues you've been having.

> I have been focusing on implementing octave shifts,
> transpositions, and different tuning systems, but I add a copy here of what
> I currently have. The playing area has been extended with a few keys, and
> some bug fixing.

Sound good!

> I use a fairly common, more compact C/C++ style.

Yes, I know you style is more common, I find I benefit from taking
more space for added (subjective) clarity so I find that way more
clear. I wanted to stick to your style but I got mixed up in some
nesting so I edited it a bit (ok... a lot). No critique was implied;
it was just me being lazy.

> I also avoid using tabs, instead using two spaces, which are expressive
> enough. Unix tabs are traditionally set at 8 spaces, which is too much, and
> there seems to be no good way to avoid it set at that in various
> circumstances.

Yes, I understand. I like tabs as they save on the keystrokes though I
do set my editors to use 4 spaces per tab for display. Sometimes I use
two spaces when writing directly in emails or forum posts as web
browsers like to use the tab for different purposes but this was a bit
too much editing and I wanted to make sure it ran.

> I haven't had any problems with CPU overload in the code in the attached
> code. I have tried it for extended periods of time.

You'll probably be able to turn the number of voices up a bit; 5 is
really quite modest.


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