[chuck-users] declaration oddity...

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 12:41:31 EDT 2009

Dunno if this is a bug or a feature.  Seems odd, though.  Can someone  
explain what's going on?

// Note that the following is perfectly legit
float hx, hy;
fun void h(float x, float y) {
   x => hx;
   y => hy;

// And this works without trouble
float f_x[];
float f_y[];
fun void f(float x[], float y[]) {
     x @=> f_x;
     y @=> f_y;

// But when you elide the array declarations, you get an error:
// NOT on the declaration line, but on the assignment of g_y:
// [decl_test.ck]:line(17): cannot assign '@=>' on types 'float[]' @=>  
// [decl_test.ck]:line(17): ...(reason: --- incompatible types for  
float g_x[], g_y[];
fun void g(float x[], float y[]) {
     x @=> g_x;
     y @=> g_y;		// this is line (17)

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