[chuck-users] Array documentation, such as .cap(), .size, etc.

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 07:04:20 EDT 2009


> Where is the documentation for this stuff?

The honest answer is probably "Scattered over /examples/, the manual,
the online docs, the VERSIONS file and with the errata in the list
archives", like all of the other docs. I feel we should consider this
is a good thing; you'll have to look for a while but you'll also find
all of these other things that are also nice and stimulating ;¬).

For arrays the best place right now is probably the VERSIONS file as
the last update added significant additions, I think those are also
demonstrated in /examples/arrays. (Second basement, bottom left
corridor, up the stairs, third shelf, below the skull. Bring a candle
and beware of the cat...)

You may want to beware as right now there are serious issues with
arrays and the type system. I really hope we'll get a speedy fix for
those; it used to be exciting to hunt for them but now it's been
enough, I feel. It'd be nice if the DEV's could spare some time to
comment on whether that issue (or those issues) have now been
documented in sufficient depth to pinpoint and fix the cause.


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