[chuck-users] Useful code snippet: writing to mono or stereo files

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 13:19:32 EDT 2009

Thanks to a tip from Tom Lieber (who pointed out that WvOut doesn't actually
handle stereo files), here's a snippet of ChucK code people might find

if (me.args() > 1) {
    dac.chan(0) => Gain g0 => WvOut w0 => blackhole;
    dac.chan(1) => Gain g1 => WvOut w1 => blackhole;
    0.5 => g0.gain;
    0.5 => g1.gain;
    me.arg(0) => w0.wavFilename;
    me.arg(1) => w1.wavFilename;
    <<< "writing stereo output to files", me.arg(0), me.arg(1) >>>;
} else if (me.args() > 0) {
    dac => Gain g => WvOut w => blackhole;
    0.5 => g.gain;
    me.arg(0) => w.wavFilename;
    <<< "writing mono output to file", me.arg(0) >>>;

Since it attaches to the dac, you can put it just about anywhere in your
ChucK program.  When you invoke chuck as in :

% chuck mytest.ck:bleeep.wav

it will write everything your program sends to the dac to a mono
"bleeep.wav" file.  If you invoke it as in:

% chuck mytest.ck:bleep_0.wav:bleep_1.wav

it will write everything you program sends to the dac to two mono files:
bleep_0.wav (left channel) andn bleep_1.wav (right channel).  It's up to you
to weave the two files together into a stereo sound file.  There are several
ways to do it -- I tend to use Audacity.

- Rob
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