[chuck-users] other ways to live-code with time

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 13:23:43 EDT 2009


> Not as satisfying? Well, you could always write the plugins too.

Of course :¬)

I've been thinking about this a fair amount, lately; the amount of
assumptions made in livecoding systems and how they speed up the
performance while also limiting options. It's a bit of a trade.

> Yeah, a wireless network. And for whatever reason (AirPort updates, OS
> X updates, variation in laptop hardware), timing issues got worse from
> the previous year. Actually, I don't know how this was solved in the
> end, because I think things had improved by the end (or maybe we
> stopped relying on the network so much and I didn't notice)...

You only mention aspects of OSX but I heard the exact same thing about
trying to sync over a wireless network with Linux as a host. the OS
may be a factor but from what I gather the phase of the moon and the
proximity of any squirrels that might be around are also quite
relevant in wireless network behaviour.

I'm not at all sure how that would affect time server protocols; I
can't imagine it helps. I think I might've simply used a switch and
some CAT5 cables but then I would've lost out on the more organic


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