[chuck-users] chuck and jack

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Fri Aug 14 07:05:54 EDT 2009

On 12 Aug 2009, at 00:21, Bozelos Dimitris wrote:

> I'm using chuck under linux with jack audio server. Although it is  
> working generally fine, sometimes I get unexpected clicks with error  
> messages in the jack window and I'm trying to figure out what's  
> wrong. I suspect that it is a problem with how linux handles  
> interrupts in real time.
> The reason I'm posting here is that I think that the cause might be  
> that I'm often printing on the terminal with <<< >>>; and that, I  
> think demands an interrupt. Because the request comes from chuck  
> which is granted real time priority by jack, it might interrupt the  
> audio and at some points I get these clicks. Does this make sense?  
> Has anyone encountered a similar problem with chuck and jack?

There seems to be a timing problem with <<< ... >>> in ChucK. So take  
all that away in all time critical positions, and see if the problem  
goes away. And report back here, if it does.


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