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> Well, as a long-time Schemer (and very occasional ChucK recreator), I
> find ChucK to be a very unfriendly programming environment.

Really? Well, it's supposed to be friendly and welcoming so something is
wrong there. My tips would be;
*Download and read Ge's doctoral thesis. More so than the manual it explains
the underlying concepts and reasoning, the "why  of ChucK", if you wish.
IMHO this is a undervalued document for understanding ChucK;

*List what you feel is wrong on the list for debate and potential fixes or
perhaps explanations on why these things might make sense after all; I don't
know and I can't help if you don't explain what issues you have.

*Have a look at Supercollider, some people who feel ChucK is unfriendly feel
right at home there (and the other way around, of course). I wish I knew how
that worked. I suspect it has to do with how people reason and so far
nothing seems to help as much as simply helping people pick the platorm that
will make them happy.

Of course it should also be said that ChucK uses some odd/new ideas that may
only properly sink in after having used them for a while; I'm not sure how
much ChucK you already wrote.

> I'm
> curious if there's source code available. I'd like to hack on it. My
> apologies if I've just been blind while browsing the various bits of
> the ChucK web sites.

Yes, absolutely. You can simply grab the source, read it and edit it to your
heart's content. Under some conditions you can release the result. The
license comes with it. Click here;
http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/release/,note the source is the same for
all platforms, and get that. You will need
a C++ compiler, some related tools and a few libraries. Then again, if you
dislike ChucK and come from a Scheme background C++ may not be your idea of
fun. I'm not sure anybody thinks C++ is great fun.

Best of luck whatever road you take; I'd be happy to help where I can but
that will mostly be ChucK stuff as that's my main expertise,

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