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Sat Aug 22 14:44:04 EDT 2009

2009/8/22 Lucas Samaruga <samarugalucas at gmail.com>

> I was referring to the musical style.

That's interesting. I've been wondering how syntax might affect music. Why
can I often recognise MAX by ear, for example?

I don't know...

> I think the recursion is very good in this case.

Yeah, and it even works nicely. The technique is viable, at least... Though
of course GC would help a lot here for serious work.

> I don't understand this cast to UGens not defined
>        1.0 / n => (bar $ Phasor).phase;
>        (n%3) + 1 => (bar $ PulseOsc).sync;
>        (75 * (n-1)) + 1 => bar.gain;
>        (5 * n) => (bar $ Shakers).freq;
Deliberate perversity. I needed to cast to UGens of a type that had the
member-function in question as UGen itself doesn't. We are fooling the
type-system here, the only thing that really matters is the name of the
member function. This, BTW, is why it's "playing with fire", we lose the
protection of the type-system and so one typo in the name of the member
function would mean a machine crash.

I would advocate that the type system hierarchy here would be more like with
the STK instruments, going;

Object, UGen, Osc, (TriOsc/SqrOsc/SawOsc/PulseOsc/Phasor)

All of those plain oscs have the same member functions and indeed behind the
scenes I think they inherit (with Phasor being the core one). I don't think
there is a real need for ChucK requiring this cast here. It would be more
convenient (and potentially safe) to have a base-class, like the STK
instruments can be used interchangably with regard to NoteOn() and .freq().

Basically we *do* have a lot of the "duck typing" that some have requested,
you just need to be absolutely sure you do know it's a duck (or at least a
goose) or there will be crashes. Ge did mention "chucking excptions" as a
wishlist item, but I'm not sure to what degree that is a word-pun on
"throwing" or whether it is a serious plan. Fortunately there is nothing
wrong with word-puns inspiring features....

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