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Tue Aug 25 12:52:31 EDT 2009


> If any one has any suggestions as to things to try please let me know.
*One of the most exciting things to me is always to try to write a function
that generates a a melody without explicitly defining a scale or resorting
to too much randomness.  Going all atonal is easy... getting boring after a
short while is easy... it's a thin balance.

Bonus points for sounding like you are modulating between scales in a
coherent way.

Bonus points for two matching functions or two melodies from a single one
that work well together.

*Variation; generate evolving beats without using randomness.

Bonus points if somebody dances to them.

*Back to the old-school of ChucKing; crash ChucK in a new yet musically
pleasing way.

Bonus points if your bug-report gets complimented for musical value (has
anyone actually achieved this yet?)

*CPU efficient wave-shaping in new ways.

*Submit a piece to the "one line ChucK crazy" topic on the forum (one line,
80 characters max, crazy)

*ASCII-art that compiles and sounds good (just thought of this, never tried
it myself)

Happy ChucKing!

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