[chuck-users] ChucK a day + php syntax highlighter

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Tue Aug 25 14:25:21 EDT 2009

80 characters!  The SC contest is 140, but I guess it only takes just
over half that to crash ChucK creatively.

By the way, Scott, congratulations on the readability of your code.  I
think your PHP highlighter is the best.  Share?  Also suggestions:

imitate a few Minimalist techniques, like addition and subtraction or phasing.

make "Totalist" music (term a subject of debate) where the global
structure is determined by the local structure, and all of that is
determined by something like the prime factors of the number of high
school girlfriends you had.  Bonus points if it's microtonal.  More
bonus points if it crashes ChucK.


2009/8/25 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:
> Scott;
>> If any one has any suggestions as to things to try please let me know.
> *One of the most exciting things to me is always to try to write a function
> that generates a a melody without explicitly defining a scale or resorting
> to too much randomness.  Going all atonal is easy... getting boring after a
> short while is easy... it's a thin balance.
> Bonus points for sounding like you are modulating between scales in a
> coherent way.
> Bonus points for two matching functions or two melodies from a single one
> that work well together.
> *Variation; generate evolving beats without using randomness.
> Bonus points if somebody dances to them.
> *Back to the old-school of ChucKing; crash ChucK in a new yet musically
> pleasing way.
> Bonus points if your bug-report gets complimented for musical value (has
> anyone actually achieved this yet?)
> *CPU efficient wave-shaping in new ways.
> *Submit a piece to the "one line ChucK crazy" topic on the forum (one line,
> 80 characters max, crazy)
> *ASCII-art that compiles and sounds good (just thought of this, never tried
> it myself)
> Happy ChucKing!
> Kas.
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