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A while later I also noticed that in one of the other examples ZeroX is used
in a Uana sort of way... almost like ZeroX is both a Ugen and a Uana at the
same time. It seems like ZeroX can calculate the number of zero crossings
per analysis frame? Aside from that example I don't think I've seen anything
explain what is going on there at all. I can't find this covered in the UGen
reference, for example. That's another bit that I think could use some extra
loving care.

Good to "see" you here again!


2009/8/28 Ge Wang <ge at ccrma.stanford.edu>

> Hi Kassen!
> Great questions and points!  We will bring back "tracking.ck" (or
> something similar) and also comb through the current analysis examples for
> the next release.
> All the best,
> Ge!
> On Tue, 25 Aug 2009, Kassen wrote:
>  Dear Ge & Rebecca,
>> The previous version of ChucK had a /examples/analysis/tracking directory
>> with a great example called "tracking.ck" in it. In the latest download
>> that's gone. It's not so clear to me why that example should be gone because
>> that happened to be the one that makes it clear how the numbers in the array
>> that FFT yields relate to frequencies in the most clear way. On top of that
>> it's fun and practical.
>> As interesting as the examples with the current release might be they
>> don't really make it clear what they are trying to accomplish and how. They
>> run... they computate some numbers and print them but it's not explained
>> what those numbers represent or why we would be interested in them.
>> Because of a recent question on the forum about pitch tracking/detection I
>> dug up the old example to post as a explanation and had to wonder about the
>> how and why of the current range of examples. Much of it is quite baffeling
>> to me; I'd be hard pressed to explain what goes on in the fft examples and
>> the feedback they use. The code of the tracking one may be far longer and
>> more involved but it's purpose is clear, it invites "poking around" and so I
>> think it makes for a practically educational example to include.
>> Yours,
>> Kas.
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