[chuck-users] the novice chucKster trying to navigate the Event class

Ryan Wieghard ryan.wieghard at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 00:47:38 EST 2009


So I am trying to design a data structure that is a list of musical
events that are composed of duration, amplitude, and a list of four
pitches to be
assigned to SinOsc's . When I was constructing the idea, I called the
atomic units of the lists "events" not knowing that there existed
an Event class in chucK. When I researched the Event class, however, I
become confused as to whether or not extended that class would
be appropriate for what I am trying to achieve. I was wondering if
someone could advise me the easiest way of going about creating a list
of lists of two ints and a list:

["Event"Object1, "Event"Object2, ...,"Event"ObjectN]
where "Event"Object[i] = [int amplitude, int duration,

The idea is that one can simply iterate across the above list of
"Event"Objects and assign a bank of four SinOsc's the pitchs 1 through
assign an envelope's gain to the amplitude, and advanced time by duration.

I apologize if the above is an ugly articulation of my idea.


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