[chuck-users] FLOSS (user editable) manual for ChucK

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 3 13:17:31 EST 2009

Currently the examples are hard coded in. This has problems, as we all
know, but it is the best system we have for now. I am not too worried
about it. I have a vision...

Does everyone know the Max/MSP manuals? They are amazing. I have a
dream that every UGEN has a page or two to itself where all the inputs
and outputs are explained and there is a UGEN specific example in the
docs that makes it clear how the features work. I know we can do this!
I would love to get a start on it during the sprint. Even if we
documented the .sync feature of UGENs more I would be happy with that
as a start.

FLOSS manuals has started a page for us. It looks like the system for
us. They have an API for putting the manual to print and giving more
control. It is a bit young but I think we can do some feature requests
and have it grow with us.

I will start preparing the manual for upload and start roughing it on
their site.


2009/12/2 Tomasz Kaye's brain <tomasz.brain at gmail.com>:
> @Michael: I'm pretty confident that FLOSS Manuals doesn't have such a
> dynamic code importing capability, or support for variables or dynamic
> substitutions in general. So with FLOSS, code snippets would be 'hard coded'
> into the documentation (I assumed that it was currently this way with the
> LaTeX docs too, is that right Adam?).
> On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 4:43 PM, Michael Heuer <heuermh at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Tomasz Kaye's brain <tomasz.brain at gmail.com>:
>> >> Michael - excellent suggestion. FLOSS Manuals seems to have a facility
>> >> for including code easily. Has anyone tried putting ChucK code in to
>> >> see if it barfs on it?
>> >
>> > ...
>> > I entered some ChucK code into a <pre> element. That seemed to work fine
>> > in
>> > the preview. Though probably needs more testing (for instance, do long
>> > lines
>> > inside a <pre> element automatically wrap in PDF export? my suspicion is
>> > that they might not).
>> Does FLOSS manuals have an import mechanism?  This would be essential
>> for keeping the ChucK examples/snippets separate from the
>> documentation itself.
>> For instance, in APT documentation format
>> http://maven.apache.org/doxia/references/apt-format.html
>> there is a snippet macro
>> http://maven.apache.org/doxia/macros/index.html#Snippet_Macro
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