[chuck-users] Problem with mixed float int lists

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Wed Dec 9 07:14:16 EST 2009

ChucK does not admit explicit lists with numbers bot having and not  
having the decimal point, as in the example below.

The problem is really that I made a program that writes tuning data to  
a file, which then should be pasted back into a .ck file. If the float  
value has not fractional part, 'chuck' writes it without decimal  
point. For example, it writes 440 Hz not 440.0 Hz.

The first idea would be have 'chuck' always writing floats with a  
decimal point. But if the tuning data comes from some other source, it  
may not have a decimal point. One then ends up editing this data by  
hand, which is cumbersome.

So I think 'chuck' should be able to convert explicit mixed float-int  
lists to float[].

There might also be some floats formatting capabilities.


---- float_int_list.ck ----
[0.0, 1.0] @=> float as[];  // OK.
[0, 1.0] @=> float bs[];    // array init [...] contains incompatible  

fun void f(float xs[]) {}

f([0.0, 1.2]);  // OK.
f([0, 1.0]);    // array init [...] contains incompatible types...
f([0, 1]);      // argument type(s) do not match:

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