[chuck-users] initialization of static variables

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Wed Dec 9 07:20:20 EST 2009

On 9 Dec 2009, at 02:11, Robert Poor wrote:

> I now understand a bit more about initialization of static variables  
> -- more accurately, about execution of top-level code -- and while  
> it's not earth-shattering, I thought I'd pass it along.  It may  
> avoid some astonishment.
> The rules are simple, but are different than I thought:
> -- top level forms INSIDE a class definition are executed every time  
> an instance of that class is created.
> -- top level forms OUTSIDE of a class definition are executed once  
> when the file loads.

Yes, that is what was discussed in the "static bug" thread. If one  
throws in some "static" data into the class for use with static  
functions, that data is not initialized until there has been an object  
of that class initialized. And the static data is probably re- 
initialized every time an new object is initialized.

Also, it seems possible to use "static" outside a class, but I do not  
know the semantics.


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