[chuck-users] Problem with mixed float int lists

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 18:52:28 EST 2009


Yes, that is it how it appeared in my program. I post a note about it here
> soon.
It's a interesting case, I hadn't considered it yet. I do feel that the
current behavior does make some sense. It's simple and predictable. Your
suggestion does have the advantage of being less punishing on what I feel is
rather sensible shorthand typing. I think that might make sense.

> Yes, one must think carefully as to not have bad rules - the risk is that
> some unexpected functions may be called.
Indeed. I wouldn't do this, I think, but I agree that it's interesting to
contemplate what proper behavior should be. maybe we could use some sort of
way of forcing the type of anonymous arrays?

> Yes, and that is the first rule I want for arguments as well.
I think that one would be fine under your proposal, yes.

> For consistency, [] should work as you suggest - that is how it is in
> Haskell, for example.
> It would be the normal thing.
I think so, and I seem to remember Ge agreed back when I reported the issue.
At least now I know how to get around it without defining separate length 0

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