[chuck-users] pitch tracking in ChucK

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Sat Dec 12 12:22:07 EST 2009


Thanks -- I finally found the tracking sub-directory in the docs.
>  (FWIW, I'd been looking in the docs as well as the online examples
> in http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/doc/examples/, which is why I didn't
> previously find them.  I'm looking forward to the fruits of the online
> documentation efforts!)
Yes, that was a issue. For some reason the tracking example was removed from
the version while it was in I think that must have been
done by mistake as that particular example turned out to be very useful for
a lot of people. Good thing it's back now. I can understand how that would
lead to confusion.

> And yep, I'm keenly aware that pitch tracking is non-trivial.  I'll let you
> know if I get hung up on UAna-specific issues, though.
You may want to also look into Ge and Rebecca's work with "smelt" and the
paper on the analysis stuff.

Typically I find that you'll end up with a cross between science and gut
feeling about the particular kind of signal you are interested in tracking.
Whistling and flutes are relatively easy while -for example- tracking pitch
on voices is hard. Guitar notes (not chords) are easy, aside from the attack
(which you can more or less forget about).

Good luck!
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