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Thu Dec 17 00:17:44 EST 2009

I added a section titled "extending ChucK" at the end of the manual and
moved the chapter on LicK there. This is meant to avoid obscuring the line
between what is and isn't a part of ChucK for new users, who will quite
likely already be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Similar initiatives like SMIRK
and SMULE could find a introduction there too, as could Steve's notes on
building UGens using Faust and potential future notes on dealing with the
source itself, in case somebody would feel up for that.

I'm close to calling it a night. Some notes; this is a great initiative, it
clearly works and it's a lot of fun. This is much, much preferable to Adam
going at it alone, chiefly because Adam's time, like everyone's, is limited.
It still needs a lot of work though. There are still big gaps and I noted
some spots where the explanation may be 100% correct but would also be
utterly incomprehensible to anyone without a background in math. I'd like to
suggest that this text should be readable to a teenager with a passion for
sound/music and a interest in computers who may not have a formal background
in either. I think this might lead to starting a description with a informal
introduction and perhaps a analogy that may be followed by "programmers
would call this [formal description goes here]". I'm not talking about
"dumbing things down" here, more about a clear explanation of why we are
introducing a subject to make it evident why it will be worthwhile to read
about it. Once it's clear what things are good for and how they are unlike
other things it will hopefully also be clear that it'll be useful to learn a
specialised vocabulary to talk about them.

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