[chuck-users] Documentation Sprint

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 17 02:37:27 EST 2009

Hi All,

We have finished our documentation sprint and I'd like to sum up a
bit. Sorry for the thread going a bit nuts, it was necessary to get
organized. Thanks for your patience.

We have migrated the documentation to FLOSS manuals. You can see the
results of the day here:


We had a few very active people working very hard today. I'd like to
thank Tomasz, Kas, Scott, and Michael. They did a great job.

The good news is that we were able to port all of the docs over. We
have a few things that need some touch ups but it is complete. We have
added some new sections to the docs about user submitted libraries. We
have fixed many small typos, errors, and errata. We have also
initiated four more people into the documentation system so that I can
get some ongoing help.

The bad news is also plentiful. The current web style cannot be
changed. We require deeper access to the css files in order to make
our documentation clear. The PDF output provided by FLOSS manuals is

We have established a relationship with the founder and main dev of
FLOSS manuals who is excited to help us. We have also created a number
of new bugs in their system. Truly ChucKian.

I plan to spend the next month in contact with the FLOSS manual dev
list to figure out our issues. In January I will organize another
sprint to integrate the solutions we develop across the whole manual.

Basically, we are making a tradeoff: greater user contribution for
lesser control of layout and formatting. I hope to work with the ChucK
team to migrate our web documentation to FLOSS manuals as we
centralized to that system.

We made it a lot farther than I hoped today. We were able to develop
new documentation and not just rehash the old stuff with a new skin.
This is a major win for the community and I invite you to sign up for
an account and help us to continue building the documentation.


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