[chuck-users] FLOSS (user editable) manual for ChucK

Scott Hewitt wittlist at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 17 13:33:49 EST 2009

hi, Adam, Kas, all

>> For a teenager we may just want to included more examples as well. I
>> would like to start putting all of the code inline in the
>> documentation. I am also dreaming of the day when every ugen gets an
>> example. Maybe also the Standard Libraries. The examples will address
>> your concerns about being clear about what all the language features
>> are good for.
> Yes. And I'd like to make sure we explicitly cover what all of the Std
> functions abbreviate, that should already help make them more clear.

Think some inline examples within the documentation would be useful in
making this a complete reference, often the example can explain much
more than the text. I keep think of some sort of integrated help
system with the mini which would have examples as well.

>> I like your ideas about including Smirk. I think we also need to
>> include the chuck shell, and then a brief tutorial or disciption on
>> the miniaudicle. Maybe audicle too, though my understanding is that it
>> isn't used very much.
> The problem with the Audicle is that if you'd try to use it now with a
> updated manual you will be missing a lot of functionality as the included vm
> is rather old. I think it'd mention it in glancing now. The mini on the
> other hand will save people from the "scary" terminal which I found adds a
> lot of value for a lot of people in the beginning.

Mini makes chuck much more approachable than the terminal only.

Personally I still find the ability to 'see inside the VW' really
useful with the Audicle it would be great if there was a way of
getting a copy of running shreds out of the mini as well.


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