[chuck-users] FLOSS (user editable) manual for ChucK

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Think some inline examples within the documentation would be useful in
> making this a complete reference, often the example can explain much
> more than the text. I keep think of some sort of integrated help
> system with the mini which would have examples as well.
> Yes. I want to do that as well, but first I want to finish going over the
VERSIONS file and add reference sections for things that were previously
missing altogether. For example; for better or worse we have a
"StringTokenizer" data type that previously was only documented using terms
like "uh" and "very hacked" :-).

This process is becoming not unlike a archaeological expedition.

Another issue I have is that I "corrected" a whole slew of references to
"sample-synchronous" execution of shreds. Shreds aren't sample-synchronous
according to the specs (they are orders of magnitude more precise in timing)
but right now we do have a bug in shreds executing in incorrect order due to
rounding of durations to integer samps so it could be argued that that text
did accurately reflect the state the VM is now -erroneously- in. Sigh.

> Personally I still find the ability to 'see inside the VW' really
> useful with the Audicle it would be great if there was a way of
> getting a copy of running shreds out of the mini as well.
> I wonder what it would take to bolt a modern VM to the existing Audicle
code; a straight swap of the directories won't do the trick and I can't deal
with the errors that gives.

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