[chuck-users] Documentation Sprint

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 15:42:37 EST 2009


At first blush: very impressive!!!  Hats off to all!!!
> All in good fun, really :-).

> Comment: If there's an index, I wasn't able to find it.  Is there a way to
> generate one?  Or is that in the works?
There is a outline of chapter structures that is yet unfinished. I assume
that that will somehow lead to a index at some point. context-wise we are
now about at the level of the old manual but presentation is still lacking.
We urgently need colouring to make the library reference more readable and
we also need some way of getting monospaced fonts for code.

Presentation aside I see no point in publishing this before it has
significant additions to the old one and there may not be much point to
generating a index before the last moment. Clearly we do need a index

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