[chuck-users] Issue/bug tracker system?

Tomasz Kaye info at redshiftmedia.com
Wed Dec 23 04:43:30 EST 2009

Would an issue/bug tracker system be useful to ChucK people?

Working on the manual sprint got me thinking about the way bugs are
currently handled. From a users point of view i think that a web based
tracking system has the following advantages:

1. It removes doubt that I might be filing a duplicate bug report (I don't
want to needlessly make noise).
2. It would avoid having to pester people to find out what the status of a
bug is.

As a test I went ahead and registered one with lighthouse which seems like a
nice system (free to use for open source projects)

My favourite bug is listed there already ;)

Any thoughts, comments etc appreciated. Would devs use this?
Thanks, Tomasz
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