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2009/12/24 Tomasz Kaye's brain <tomasz.brain at gmail.com>

> @Kassen I think you've been maintaining the wiki bug list right?

I seem to remember Ge started the page, at least it was a new initiative in
tracking bugs and a attempt at voting on what was urgent. I think this was
in the days when Ge was working on his thesis. But yes, I tried to keep it
up to date and encouraged it's use.

> What do you think about moving it to lighthouse? (or perhaps a different
> issue tracking system).
I would like to have issue tracking. I'd like to have a clear way of
reporting bugs, of getting them confirmed as such (or explained why this
would be proper behaviour). I think it's especially important for people to
be able to see what are "known issues", considering the insecurities and
uncertainties that can come with starting out with text-based code (and
ChucK is that for many users). I think it's good for people who report
issues to know somebody took them up (see how Dan treats issues in LiSa) and
I think it could help lead to a more distributed developer eco-system to
know what issues are open, especially when combined with a way of pushing
fixes in (see Tom's currently unofficial fix to CNoise). I think scratching
off bugs with releases gives a sense of progress. Such a system might also
help structure communication amongst the current DEV's.

All of these would be great to have, not just in a technological sense or
for musical productivity but also socially. I believe we can do better than
the WiKi there and that the proposed system is likely better. I don't have a
real opinion on what system would be best for this and I don't think
anything that the DEV's aren't happy with would make practical sense.

> I presumptuously went ahead and copied over all the outstanding bugs from
> the wiki page at http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK/Bugs/Releaseto the lighthouse system (adding links to archived list threads where
> appropriate) http://chuckissues.lighthouseapp.com This gives a clearer
> impression of how the system looks when running.
makes perfect sense to me.

> What I dislike about the wiki option is that it currently requires
> non-members to request a user with an account on the CS wiki to ask a member
> of CS Staff to create an account.

It does? I can't remember that from creating my own. I do know there is a
significant spam problem there.

> That's a significant barrier to reporting bugs imo. (
> http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&returnto=Main_Page) At least, It's prevented me from filing them on the wiki so far. By
> contrast anyone can register with lighthouse and post stuff there. Hopefully
> a system like lighthouse would be easier to maintain, and to keep
> manageable, than text on a wiki page too.

Yes, I agree, but (as you noted) the advantage of the wiki is that it
attempts (at least) to keep all things ChucKist in a single spot. We already
have a site, a list, a wiki, a forum, a irc chatroom (I think?) a online
radio show, a FaceBook group, there is likely more. This is bewildering to
new users, who are precisely the kind of people who will try unusual things
and so in a perfect position to find bugs. Those interests need not
necessarily be in conflict but they are there and currently the wiki at
least attempts to address those.


> More thoughts, lighthouse support/dissent welcome!
> Merry christmas all!
Merry ChucKmas to all! May you all temporarily turn your ChucK operators
sideways to look (vaguely) like a needle tree. I find this time of the year
lends itself wonderfully to contemplating the meaning (if any) of symbols
which is of course quite useful for programmers.


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