[chuck-users] Issue/bug tracker system?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 08:12:17 EST 2009


> @kassen. I completely agree with your take on both the pros and cons of  an
> extra issue tracker.

Great, I really hope the DEV's will chime in on this but so far they have
been silent on the issue... there may be good reasons for that, I don't
know. When I wrote that last mail, BTW, I wasn't aware of the exact extend
of the change to the WiKi that you outline below. This changes matters.

> Ah. The change is probably spam related then. Here's a screen grab of the
> not-so-friendly registration screen at the moment:
> http://img.skitch.com/20091228-c6rsmfqnnerdhritkjip3u9kh1.jpg
Yeah, I'm sure it's spam. I'd vouch for you, I must count as a member of
that WiKi's community by now but clearly I'm not Princeton-CS so that
probably doesn't count. Ok, I understand that move but for our purposes
that's probably the end of the WiKi as a tool. I'm sure that if you'd ask
somebody like Dan or Tom nicely you could get in but I also suspect that
neither feels like confirming a few accounts a week through whatever set of
red-tape that procedure may have. Another issue is that it's now xmass break
so the web department there probably doesn't feel like doing a lot (and
rightly so!).

Ge will have to make a call here, I feel, but Ge seems offline and might be
with his family and hence out of reach. Let's push for a solution here in a
week or so after new year (on our calender), because this needs a solution.
Submitting bugs should be easy.

Good that you brought this up. To me right now this seems like a more urgent
issue than any individual bug may be.

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