[chuck-users] Issue/bug tracker system?

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 11:58:49 EST 2009

> Spencer;
>>  The main disadvantage of Google Code that I see is that some people don't
>> trust Google.
> That would be about privacy though. ChucK's code and issues aren't private,
> I feel.  I'd be perfectly happy to have ChucK code printed on bilboards in
> TimeSquare. In fact, under certain conditions people are forced to share
> ChucK's source (like when re-distributing custom binaries).
> We can distrust Google, but then would we trust GitHub? Princeton? I would
> trust those in this context. I wouldn't put very private matters on the WiKi
> either but then again; anything very private would also be grossly off-topic
> there anyway.
> I don't think I see this issue in this context. Of course there are personal
> aspects to our musical expression and there are political implications to
> Open Source but both benefit from all info being very open; at that point
> the concern for privacy disappears.
> Do we practically have any people here who still strongly object to Google
> despite those factors?

In addition to LiCK on github, I also run FOSS projects in subversion
on Sourceforge (http://www.dishevelled.org) and in subversion on
Google Code (http://code.google.com/p/piccolo2d).

I have some reservations about using git:  I don't really understand
what to tell people what to do when they want to contribute.  It also
seems odd on github that the main LiCK repo has a URL with my username
in it.

Sourceforge's static web content hosting is good.  The project web
interface, the issue tracker and the download system kinda blow.

Google Code's issue tracker and its integration with subversion is
really nice.  Web content hosting and wiki is less well done.


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