[chuck-users] LiSa duration issue

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 13:37:48 EST 2009

Fellow ChucKists, Dear Dan,

Two minor issues with LiSa.duration(). When we set the recording buffer to
any size over 100::second a error will be given. However, the error won't
make it clear it's coming from LiSa. In larger .ck files that also involve
-for example- fft and the like it becomes a minor chore to detect the source
of that warning message. This does not match the behaviour of other UGens
and is generally inconvenient so I'd like to suggest pre-pending "LiSa; " to
it. Though extremely minor I feel this is a issue.

The second point is more subjective and open for debate. I feel that
100::second for the max duration made sense back when LiSa could only
.record() but these days we can fill her memory using valueAt() and using
longer buffers becomes practical. On top of that loading files straight into
LiSa has been hinted at. Are there reasons to not extend this max to
10::minute or something in that order of magnitude? Would there be real
issues with setting it to 1::hour and leaving people to shoot their own
RAM-foot if and when they really wanted to? We allocate and free this memory
properly, right? It is already possible to casually have ChucK blow your RAM
out the window if you really wanted to;

float foo[1000][1000][1000][1000]; //don't actually run this

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