[chuck-users] LiSa duration issue

dan trueman dtrueman at Princeton.EDU
Wed Dec 30 14:00:09 EST 2009

> Two minor issues with LiSa.duration(). When we set the recording  
> buffer to any size over 100::second a error will be given. However,  
> the error won't make it clear it's coming from LiSa. In larger .ck  
> files that also involve -for example- fft and the like it becomes a  
> minor chore to detect the source of that warning message. This does  
> not match the behaviour of other UGens and is generally inconvenient  
> so I'd like to suggest pre-pending "LiSa; " to it. Though extremely  
> minor I feel this is a issue.

fixed this and will commit to CVS.

> The second point is more subjective and open for debate. I feel that  
> 100::second for the max duration made sense back when LiSa could  
> only .record() but these days we can fill her memory using valueAt()  
> and using longer buffers becomes practical. On top of that loading  
> files straight into LiSa has been hinted at. Are there reasons to  
> not extend this max to 10::minute or something in that order of  
> magnitude? Would there be real issues with setting it to 1::hour and  
> leaving people to shoot their own RAM-foot if and when they really  
> wanted to? We allocate and free this memory properly, right? It is  
> already possible to casually have ChucK blow your RAM out the window  
> if you really wanted to;

funny, not sure why it's cutting you off at 100::second. it's  
currently set to allow up to 1000 seconds (>16::minutes!), and that's  
how it works with my chuck and mA. it may have been set to 100:second  
for an earlier chuck, but i'm assuming you are at the current chuck, no?


> float foo[1000][1000][1000][1000]; //don't actually run this
> Yours,
> Kas.
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