[chuck-users] cheap parallel ChucKing

Graham Percival graham at percival-music.ca
Sat Feb 7 06:39:14 EST 2009

Hi all,

We're using ChucK as a cheap synthesizer for a bunch of new
electronic instruments.  To make best use of the dual-core CPU,
we're launching ChucK in two separate threads:

$ chuck first-server.ck &
$ chuck second-server.ck

This works great (it almost maxes out both cores on a mac mini),
although the second instance of chuck complains that it can't bind
to port 8888.

Are there any potential pitfalls to this method?  I know that we
can't (easily[1]) get any communication between these two chuck
instances, but in this case we don't need it -- each instrument's
synthesis is completely independant of the other one.  In CS
terms, this problem is "embarrasingly parallel".  :)

[1] we could add code to our OSC servers to send messages back and
forth via loopback, which isn't precisely "hard", but it's not as
easy as everything else we do in ChucK -- this language is
awesome.  :)

- Graham Percival

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