[chuck-users] ChubbY (ChucK in Ruby)?

Brad Garton garton at columbia.edu
Tue Feb 10 18:28:55 EST 2009

A quick/dirty way to do this would be to use max/msp as a means to  
'glue' ruby and chuck together, using Adam Murray's ruby interpreter  
object  (http://compusition.com/web/software/maxmsp/ajm-objects) and  
chuck~ (http://music.columbia.edu/~brad/chuck~/), but that may not be  
the kind of scenario you desire.

I have great contolling chuck~ from lisp using maxlisp...


On Feb 10, 2009, at 3:48 PM, Robert Poor wrote:

> Has anyone considered of implementing all the wonderful  
> functionality of ChucK in Ruby?  I'm not trying to start a fight or  
> ruffle feathers -- it's an honest question.
> I love ChucK for all of its functionality -- it has a full house of  
> great unit generators and signal processing objects coupled with an  
> easy-to-use thread / scheduling mechanism.  But for all that, I find  
> ChucK the language lacking.  For example, when I really push on  
> defining classes, I can't do all the things I'm used to.
> Might not a marriage of ChucK's rich functionality with Ruby's rich  
> language be nearly ideal?
> At the very least, we'd get Mr. Bowkett to -- in Yoda's words -- TFSU.
> - Rob
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